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Mastercard and Reg E Error Resolution Webinar

Understand Mastercard’s revised arbitration process and how regulatory language applies to today’s digital transaction landscape.

Brian Crow, CAMS Co-president/Managing Partner of Chicago-based TCA Compliance, will present a BankersOnline Learning Connect Webinar,“Mastercard & Reg E Error Resolution,” on October 16 at 10 a.m.

During the two-hour event, he will discuss Mastercard’s recently revised arbitration process for more complex claims.

Institutions that do not understand the new requirements, issued in July, could end up paying claims that they are not required to. They also could fail to obtain credit from the merchant resulting in unnecessary losses.

Knowing what information is needed to successfully recover funds via the chargeback process while not running afoul of investigation obligations under Reg E is a delicate tightrope. “In addition to complying with the federal regulation, institutions must also comply with their contractual obligations to Mastercard,” says Crow. “Bankers often are not sure how to comply when two different sets of rules conflict.”

Crow will compare and contrast Mastercard Operating Rules with Regulation E investigation and liability requirements.

“Regulation E was written in 1978, but technology has evolved while the regulation has stagnated,” comments Crow. “The webinar will help compliance officers understand how regulatory language applies to today’s digital transaction landscape.”

He will also explore the chargeback codes that are available for the various scenarios that arise, discuss claims that are and are not covered under Reg E, and address the impact of “Chip Liability Shift” on the chargeback process.

Real-world examples will help attendees understand how to make critical decisions when applying Mastercard rules and in a way that both assists customers and protects the issuer’s bottom line.

Additional topics will include:   

  • Mastercard chargeback process updates
  • The latest in EMV Chip card Fraud
  • Zero Liability coverage versus Reg E liability schedule
  • Provisional credit requirements
  • Business debit cards
  • Proper handling of a chargeback when Regulation E also applies
  • Reg E investigation tips with and without written confirmation
  • Enforcement Actions relating to Regulation E investigation procedures
  • Dispute resolution procedures

Written materials will be provided to participants to refer to during the presentation.


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