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SCRA Notice Changes

We are not sure when it occurred, but HUD slipped in two changes to the SCRA notice since it was last changed in March 2018. Both changes are in the final section within two bullet points.

In the first bullet point, the website address for the Military Legal Assistance Office Locator was shortened, presumably to fix a dead link. The link was The content/locator.php was removed so the bullet point now reads:

  • Servicemembers and dependents with questions about the SCRA should contact their unit’s Judge Advocate or their installation’s Legal Assistance Officer. A military legal assistance office locator for all branches of the Armed Forces is available at

The next change is in the second bullet point in the same section. You may have already fixed your copy, recognizing that United States was misspelled but has now been corrected.

  • “Military OneSource” is the U.S. Department of Defense’s information resource. If you are listed as entitled to legal protections under the SCRA (see above), please go to or call 1-800-342-9647 (toll-free from the United States) to find out more information. Dialing instructions for areas outside the United States are provided on the website.

You can download a Word version of this form at

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