TCPA and COPPA Reviews

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We evaluate your TCPA and COPPA practices to help you avoid fines, penalties, and damage to your brand.

You always work to strengthen your relationships with customers and build and maintain trust with them.

One way is by respecting their privacy and boundaries—not pestering them with unwelcome marketing messages by phone and text or revealing personal information about their kids, for example.

That's where we come in. Our team specializes in reviewing your TCPA and COPPA policies and practices to ensure you comply with both regulations and that you won't be subject to fines and penalties.

In our TCPA reviews, we examine how you manage customer data. For example, have customers consented to receive marketing content from you? If so, what format is acceptable? Are you keeping accurate records of their preferences and honoring their wishes?

In addition, are you giving them appropriate opt-out options? When they do opt out, do you comply with their decision?

We also compare your customer database and prospects against the Do-Not-Call Registry to help you ensure that your practices align with customers' wishes.

For COPPA, our team delves into your policies and procedures to see that you're doing everything to protect customers under the age of thirteen.

That includes reviewing how you notify parents about the information you want to gather about their kids, how you use it, and with whom you share it. Of course, we also check whether you have parental consent before you’re even collecting such data.

In addition, we look at your privacy policy to see that it's clear and visible on your website and apps and explicitly outlines your practices.

Equally important is assessing your staff members' command of and adherence to TCPA and COPPA regulations.

Select TCA's A Better Way to assess your TCPA and COPPA regulations compliance.

Key deliverables include:

  • Helping you avoid costly fines and penalties
  • Seeing if you're providing proper parental notifications and review options regarding their children's private information
  • Evaluating your marketing and sales teams' understanding of TCPA rules
  • Determining whether you maintain accurate records of customer communications and wishes, including robocalls, voicemails, and texts
  • Weighing how well you respect customers' privacy and contact preferences

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